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VIV200 W

VIV200 W

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Universal electronic platform scale VIV200 W. Platform systems for mobile weighing. Weighability of one platform is 200 kg (others on request). The platform is equipped with wireless WiFi communication with easy access via web browser. Very simple and quick installation and operation. Thanks to the wireless transmission very common faults in the cable system are eliminated.


This platform scale is suitable mainly for immobile clients weighing - in wheelchairs - in homes for the elderly, hospitals, etc. You can connect the scale to the database system E-screening for fast, clear and reliable data collection about clients. More information HERE


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Produkt 02

Electronic platform scale FLATWEI. Platform systems for mobile weighing of the vehicles. The weighability of one platform is 1200 kg. Automatic recognition and calibration of the platform by the control unit. There is also possibility to print data right at the control unit.

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